InfoTrends' Global Production Copying and Printing Market Forecast Shows Retail Value of Print to Rise Over 5% by 2015

According to InfoTrends latest forecast, Global Production Copying and Printing Market Forecast: 2010-2015, the retail value of print in the production copying and digital printing market is expected to grow at a five-year CAGR of 5.4 percent, reaching $117 billion in 2015.

This global view of the digital production printing market provides detailed forecast data on the growth in digital document printing in a range of segments. The Excel pivot table section allows the user to view the information in a database by selected tags and is designed to create global figures for installed base, allowing for calculations of copy/print volume, service and supply revenue and retail value of print.

"To continue to provide the highest level of support for marketing, product planning, and product development we also offer additional levels of regional details," commented Ralf Schlozer, a Director at InfoTrends. "With regions experiencing different growth rates, having individual breakouts will provide financial, statistical, and qualitative information needed for effective short- and long-term strategic planning."

The following additional breaks are available:

  • APAC – Asia Pacific, not including Japan
  • Canada – Allows a view of the U.S. and Canadian data separately and
    also, along with Mexico, allows a North American view that includes Mexico
  • CEE – Central and Eastern Europe
  • Central & SA – Central and South America, not including Mexico
  • Japan – Japan only
  • MEA – The Middle East and Africa
  • Mexico – Mexico only
  • U.S. – United States
  • WE – Western Europe

Segments include:

  • Color: 0 to 100K: B/W and Spot Color: 70-90 ppm (Cut-Sheet)
  • Color: 101K to 300K: B/W and Spot Color: 91-105 ppm (Cut-Sheet)
  • Color: 301K to 999K: B/W and Spot Color: 106-134 ppm (Cut-Sheet)
  • Color: 1M to 10M: B/W and Spot Color: 135-199 ppm (Cut-Sheet)
  • Color: >10M: B/W and Spot Color: 200 + ppm (Cut-Sheet)
  • Color: Direct-to-Press: B/W and Spot Color: Roll-Fed

The numbers can also be split by function (multi-function vs. printer) and feed type (cut-sheet and roll).

The following metrics are included: placements, installed base, average installed base, annual impressions, average monthly print volume (AMPV), average selling price, equipment revenue, service revenue, supplies revenue, and retail value of print.

The Global Production Copying and Printing Market Forecast: 2010-2015 is available for purchase through InfoTrends' Report Store. For more information on how you can begin to explore regional variances, please contact Jennifer Skerrett at 781-616-2111 or email