Scanner Owners Utilize Different Devices for Different Activities

The document imaging and scanning market is poised to undergo a significant shift, largely due to the influx of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The market is evolving as individuals (and their devices) are becoming more mobile. Many vendors and solution providers are concerned with what this shift will mean for the traditional scanning and imaging market.

To better understand the effects of new technology on the market, InfoTrends created an in-depth analysis of the findings from our 2011 U.S. Consumer Imaging End-User Scanner Survey. In addition to considering the habits and perceptions of scanner and MFP owners, the document provides insight into imaging and scanning via mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets). Manufacturers of the various scanning/capture products can leverage the insight in this document to obtain a better understanding of the industry’s current and future opportunities.

Since many respondents who used MFPs, single-function scanners, smartphones, and tablets to scan at home were asked similar questions, we provided side-by-side comparisons of the device types to better illuminate key trends that are occurring in the market. Survey participants most commonly reported using their MFPs and single-function scanners for managing their personal information. Meanwhile, the greatest percentage of smartphone users utilized their handsets for fun, hobbies, or entertainment purposes. For tablet users, the most common activities included business purposes and managing personal information. In relation to the other types of devices, the activity shares for tablets were more evenly distributed. This can be attributed to their portability and functionality. Although smartphones offer many of the same capabilities as tablets, their comparatively small screens can make them difficult to use for certain features. Tablets, on the other hand, offer the best of both worlds—they are much easier to carry around than laptops or notebooks, yet they feature much larger screens than smartphones.

The information above is featured in InfoTrends’ U.S. Imaging and Scanning End-user Survey: 2011 research. This document explores the document imaging and scanning market, with a focus on the habits and perceptions of scanner and MFP owners. It also provides insight into the growing use of mobile technology in the market. For more information, or to purchase this report, visit our online store or contact us at