International Hologram Manufacturers Association Award Recognises Industry Innovator, Advocate and Thought Leader

One of the driving forces behind the success of international holography over the last 30 years has been honoured for his outstanding contribution to the industry.

Ian Lancaster of Reconnaissance International Limited has won the prestigious ‘Brian Monaghan Award for Business Innovation’ at the International Hologram Manufacturers Association’s (IHMA) Excellence in Holography Awards 2011.

The award is named for Brian Monaghan, an innovative and enterprising entrepreneur in holography who died tragically young, and goes to the person selected by the Board of the IHMA as an individual who has followed the tradition of business innovation established by Brian Monaghan.

In presenting the award at Holopack•Holo-print, The Holography Conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada in November, IHMA chairman Adam Scheer said before the industry became established, Ian Lancaster had a vision that holography would evolve from the laboratories and garages of hobbyists to a highly respected global business.

He added: “Since the early 1980s, Ian has worn many hats - holographer, executive director of the Museum of Holography, leader of conferences, publisher of industry newsletters, consultant and a leader on international standards bodies and more.

“In every role, he has touched every stakeholder in the hologram industry as one of its leading innovators, advocates and thought leaders.

“The global hologram industry we know today would not enjoy its recognition, prestige and trust without the tireless work and creative vision of Ian Lancaster.”

Ian Lancaster founded Third Dimension Ltd in 1981, to make decorative holograms before joining the Museum of Holography in New York as executive director. He then became the editor of Holography News and director of the Holo-pack•Holo-print conference. He has served as General Secretary of the IHMA since its inception.

The Holography Awards recognise outstanding industry achievement and are presented to organisations who have introduced the most innovative or commercially viable hologram product or technique over the year.

Organised by the IHMA, the 19th annual Excellence in Holography Awards - sponsored by industry newsletter Holography News - was attended by delegates from the worldwide holography community attending the conference. Entries were judged by the IHMA Board, which comprises representatives from member companies. . Other category winners were:

  • Innovation in Holographic Technology - Stensborg A/S, Denmark, for HoloPrint
  • Best Origination – Optaglio, Czech Republic, for Globeflower
  • Best Applied Security Product – Hologram Industries, France, for DID Patch on Philippines P500 and P1000 Banknote
  • Best Applied Decorative Product – Hazen Paper Company, Curtis Packaging and Coty Inc USA, for Beyoncé ‘Pulse’

Adam Scheer added: “The awards celebrate the very best in holographic achievement and the many remarkable innovations the industry introduces each year.

“The winners’ work reflects the creativity, design excellence and quality which were the hallmarks of this year’s crop of entries, reflecting how holography continues to push forward the holographic boundaries technically and commercially.”