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GSG Acquires Eye2Eye Digital

Graphic Systems Group LLC (GSG) announced the completed acquisition of NYC-based eye2eye Digital, a boutique creative imaging studio specializing in retouching, computer graphic imaging (CGI), web design, and photo studio services. Founded in December 2007, the privately held agency served the high-end global marketing and advertising industry. With the acquisition, GSG augments their celebrated creative teams with Eye2eye’s retouching magic, enabling GSG to apply their technology advancements to 12 new artists. Per the acquisition agreement, eye2eye CEO and Founder Carmine Corinella has been named GSG’s new Director of Retouching and CGI Studios, effective immediately.

Welcome Carmine Corinella

Carmine Corinella has been a presence in the national imaging industry for over three decades. He showcases extensive managerial experience in creative retouching, CGI, photo studio services, dynamic publishing, and web-to-print, as well as web design and development. He offers a well-earned reputation as a revered craftsman in the field of advertising and marketing. Prior to eye2eye, he founded Magic Graphics (1989 –1997), and Fuel Digital Inc. (1998 – 2006). He is also the visionary behind AdTraction, a dynamic web-to-print company founded in 2006.

GSG Quote

“The addition of eye2eye and Carmine marks a new era at GSG,” notes President Ken Madsen. “GSG has always been known as America’s leading production agency. Through our acquisitions and business growth we have now evolved into a leading full-service marketing implementation agency. This acquisition will drastically expand our retouching and CGI department with 12 new artists, creating a studio where magic meets logic. We are reengineering to meet our vision of a 36-seat studio dedicated to our clients’ needs 24/7, which translates to enhanced services and superior efficiency [up to 40% faster turnaround expected].”