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Mailer's Choice, Inc. Chooses Midnight Software to Grow Fulfillment Business

When the fulfillment side of his Nashville-based marketing support services company suddenly took off, Dave Hedges, owner of Mailer's Choice, Inc., needed a solution to help him manage it. By adding Virtual System's Midnight Fulfillment Management software to his business platform, Hedges went from a manual process -- Excel spreadsheets and hand-keying orders -- to complete automation. The result has been the ability to grow his business in a difficult economy, and keeping his customers more profitable at the same time.  

Created by Bellevue (WA) based Virtual Systems, Midnight Fulfillment is an inventory and order management system designed to allow users to quickly implement a robust web based solution to meet the needs of their fulfillment customers. With a web-based architecture and the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server database platform, Midnight Fulfillment provides the flexibility and "ease-of-use" to efficiently run an entire fulfillment operation. While many direct mail operations are restricting capital purchases, Hedges sees an opportunity to grow his business with Virtual Systems' Midnight Fulfillment software.

Hedges said, "What took us a week, now takes us a day." He continued, "The inventory we manage is tightly controlled by the system, which gives our customers confidence and peace of mind. We have better control over the entire process, which allows me to better manage our entire fulfillment operation."

Chris Huber, President of Virtual Systems, stated, "Mailer's Choice began working with us years ago with our initial program, Mail-Shop. We were thrilled when Dave's business began to grow into the fulfillment segment, and now I'm even more excited to see the business growing with Midnight Fulfillment. Seeing our customers' success is the most gratifying part of our business. Hats off to Dave and Terri at Mailer's Choice!"

Added Hedges, "Every decision we make is ultimately about serving our customers better. Midnight Fulfillment -- and the support that comes with it -- enabled us the flexibility to handle each of our customers' needs on a case-by-case basis. It didn't hurt that this was also the most cost-effective program we looked at."