Everett Graphics Turns to QuikWash System to Reduce Make-Ready Times with Plastic Wash-Up Blades

Everett Graphics, one of California's leading folding carton producers, has installed the TruPoint QuikWash System to significantly improve the quality of its wash-ups, cut wash-up times in half and reduce make-ready times. The company now reports that, "wash-up times have been reduced to less than two minutes," according to Pressroom Manager, George Saba.

Faced with strict environmental regulations requiring the use of low VOC press washes, Everett was struggling with washing up its rollers. George Saba says, "With the recent changes to our state's VOC requirements, roller washing had become quite a challenge, often requiring us to rinse twice to get the rollers completely free of roller wash." In order to get rolls absolutely clean between color changes to ensure print quality, he retrofitted his two Heidelberg CD102 presses with the QuikWash System. Nine months later he reports, "After installation of the QuikWash System, we immediately found that we were not only rinsing once, but our ink-ups showed no sign of chemical contamination whatsoever."

The QuikWash System by Flexo Concepts is a wash-up blade clamp that attaches to the existing wash-up tray and uses the exclusive TruPoint DeltaFlex plastic wash-up blade. Due to the material it's constructed from, DeltaFlex is able to achieve and maintain a fine contact point with the roller. It is this fine contact area that is responsible for more effective wiping and more efficient wash-ups. Everett reports that since switching to the QuikWash System, "the quality of the wash-up is far superior to that of a traditional rubber blade." After a simple replacement of the original blade clamp with the specially-designed QuikWash clamp, printers who previously used rubber tip wash-up blades can get this benefit without making a large capital investment.

The QuikWash DeltaFlex blades also offer extended blade life and resistance to harsh solvents and have been used successfully in a broad range of applications, such as with UV press wash and washing up UV ink, where other blade materials have been ineffective. "We have had the QuikWash blades installed for the better part of nine months with no sign of wear or loss of performance," Mr. Saba explained.

In addition to speeding up wash-ups and reducing make-ready times, another big benefit of converting to the QuikWash System is simple blade changes, according to Saba. "I would recommend the QuikWash blade system purely on the ease of blade change-out alone." The clamp is designed to hold a wash-up blade with no notches or holes, so a press operator can replace a blade without removing the bolts from the tray.

Located in Oakland, California, Everett Graphics is a family-owned and operated packaging manufacturer that provides high quality, cost-effective solutions to its clients' packaging needs. The company serves customers in the food and beverage, health and beauty, pharmaceutical and medical, and technology industries.