Fineline is Number 10 in the Nation with Extended Feeder

Fineline Printing Group and its Eastman Kodak partners have just installed, tested, and trained on the sought-after 26-inch feeder on its new Kodak NexPress SX Digital Color Press. Fineline is only one of a few graphics firms in the US to have the long sheet feeder installed and running.

At 26 inches, the long sheet option delivers 27 percent more printable area. The benefits include reduced waste, increased productivity, and new applications such as six-page brochures, posters, and a variety of packaging labels.

"The long sheet option is a very big deal for us and our customers. Our customers want the increased quality as well as the cost savings. They can have their cake and eat it too with this feature. No one else in our market can match us," affirms Richard Miller, Fineline's Owner and President.

Fineline currently uses its NexPress for a wide range of short-run printing, variable financial statements, and customized marketing materials. The NexPress also offers watermarking, protection coating, PMS color matching, and dimensional printing.