Modo Design Installs Oce Arizona 360GT

Modo Design Incorporated in Richmond Hill has recently installed an Océ Arizona 360GT UV Flatbed Printer from Coast Paper. Jackie Chan, owner of Modo Design, first opened the doors on December 1, 2008 in a 1,000 square foot facility. Today, Modo Design operates out of a 3,000 square foot facility in the Richmond Hill area. The primary marketplace for Modo Design is servicing the trade print industry through business-to-business operation and print brokers focusing on the production of high quality retail signage and advertising campaigns.

With the installation of the Arizona 360GT, Modo Design is now able to increase production capacity, while realizing cost savings with reduced labour and material because of the ability to print directly to substrate. In addition, the white ink capability and high fidelity of print quality has also enabled the company to expand into new markets where turnaround time and quantities were limiting factors.

Jackie feels that, “Modo Design will open up new markets and possibilities through the continued acquisition of new technologies and the adoption of future ground breaking applications, such as those that are made possible using the Océ Arizona 360GT”. Jackie goes on to say that, “he feels a strong partnership with your supplier is necessary”. Coast Paper has provided that partnership “through expert consultation on Sign & Display Graphics technologies and their applications.”