OKI Data and Agiliant Facilitate Managed Print Services and Network Services Adoption within the BTA Dealer Channel

OKI Data Americas and Agiliant, Inc. announced a platform development agreement through which Agiliant's MITOS (Managed Information Technology and Output Services) offering will incorporate OKI's proprietary Total Managed Print (TMP) solution to provide a comprehensive suite of services to be offered through the Agiliant Affiliate Network (AAN) within the BTA dealer channel. This alliance is among the first of its kind, and will allow dealers the opportunity to provide end-to-end, integrated Managed Network Services (MNS) and Managed Print Services (MPS) solutions to customers to supplement their office equipment sales, lease and service offerings, generating immediate returns and recurring revenue streams.

The two primary components of the alliance advance Agiliant's MITOS offering by providing dealers in the AAN with a standardized product suite and robust technology platform that streamlines operations, shortens sales cycles and automates many of the integration requirements for building and delivering managed services. Agiliant will incorporate key aspects of OKI's TMP Portal into its business processes to standardize asset and life cycle management, sales and delivery components. In addition, OKI's broad portfolio of award-winning printing solutions will be offered as a preferred printer brand within Agiliant's MITOS solution suite throughout the AAN.

The AAN is a highly synchronized, nationwide network of business technology product and service providers, largely comprised of BTA dealers—each having been carefully evaluated and selected as best of breed in its respective market. AAN member companies are exclusively licensed to market and carry the innovative MITOS solution suite to deliver managed IT and document output management products and services to their customers.

"OKI has been at the forefront of helping channel partners effectively enter the document output management space to embrace the accelerating convergence of the industry," said Tim Brien, Director of Managed Print Services at OKI Data Americas. "Agiliant's integration of MPS and MNS via the MITOS solution provides a platform which will expand OKI's reach within the BTA dealer channel. By continuing to incorporate innovative systems tools and technologies along with best practices for MPS leadership, OKI's Total Managed Print has become one of the preeminent MPS solutions currently available, delivering fully integrated print fleet and document management services to satisfy the critical demands of today's cost-conscious workplace."

Gary Stevens, Chief Executive Officer of Agiliant, Inc., said, "Product standardization is an important initiative for Agiliant, as it enables our Affiliate Network to share the many benefits of a consistent and highly coordinated solution with their customers across the country.

OKI's prominence and expertise within the Managed Print Services arena and innovative TMP solution make OKI an exceptional fit as a foundational product and strategic partner to Agiliant."