IDEAlliance Certifies 37 Experts in G7 Process Control

IDEAlliance has certified 37 experts in the newest extension of its successful series of G7 Certification Programs, G7 Process Control. G7 Process Control Experts are equipped to deliver IDEAlliance's new G7 Process Control Master Qualification Program, designed to help digital and offset print providers, creative studios, and premedia operations achieve efficiency and predictability through standardization and process control practices.

Since July 2011, IDEAlliance has delivered training around the globe, certifying G7 Process Control Experts in the United States (17), China (11), and South Korea (10). "It's extraordinary, the immediate interest our G7 Process Control Program is having around the world among color and workflow experts," said Steve Bonoff, Executive VP Marketing for IDEAlliance. "Graphic communication companies must continue to radically improve their workflow efficiency to stay competitive. That change requires skill building of their staffs and the introduction of new processes designed to serve their clients' needs, as well as the service provider's bottom line. These newly certified G7 PC Experts are now uniquely capable of delivering on both counts."

"As printing shifts from a craft to a manufacturing process, operating in a controlled production environment is a critical step for providers of creative and print services. Buyers require confidence in their service provider's ability to deliver a repeatable product, and in doing so, service providers are able to build business and boost profits," explains Joe Fazzi, director of the G7 Process Control program and Vice President of Media Production Technologies for IDEAlliance. "Process Control is not just for printers. Creative agencies and premedia operations need to communicate, specify and assess color based on common expectations. The G7 PC program gives them the freedom to create and move work across platforms, locations, and media. To accomplish this, their staffs need training, and their processes need to be tight and efficient."

The IDEAlliance G7 Process Control Expert and Professional Certification Program is an extension to the current G7 program. For G7 Experts seeking to join the growing list of experts certified to qualify their creative, agency and print provider clients in G7 Process Control, IDEAlliance continues to schedule training events throughout the world. The next G7 PC training is in Boston, MA, March 19-23, 2012.