NELA Technology Part of 3V Compact Format Project

"The Columbus Dispatch" has awarded NELA-USA the contract for automation of their plate room as well as the Lock-ups and Filler bars for their new 3V compact format project.

The NELA Plate Automation solution for "The Columbus Dispatch" includes three NELA VCP Multi-Format Vision Register PunchBenders connected to a 32 bin NELA Sortation System. The NELA System is designed to deliver sorted, press ready plates for multiple web formats - ranging from 42 to 46 inch widths. The NELA VCP Vision PunchBender incorporates "Select Punching" technology that punches each plate based on press imposition data provided in the 2D barcode. This eliminates multiple punch notches typically required when running multiple web widths. Plates will automatically be conveyed from the plate room to the pressroom and into NELA's Sortation System. The Sortation System will then automatically sort plates based on a flexible, customer-defined sort criteria.

The combination NELA Filler Bars "patent pending" and NELA Press Locks allows utilization of the existing press cylinders to help control the project costs and conversion time. NELA's precision machined and balanced Filler Bar replaces the existing Lock-up to fill the gap and provide a flush cylinder printing surface for high speed printing requirements. NELA's Press Lock-up technology incorporates a series of combined lead and trail positive roller clamps that allows easy loading of the plates while maintaining excellent plate clamping required for register.

"We are excited to be part of this 3V compact format project that will offer newspapers throughout the world an alternate printing solution on existing 2 around presses," says Jürgen Gruber, Director of Sales for NELA.