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manroland Presents its Latest ROLAND 900 at Packaging Printing Technology Forum

Customers are remaining loyal to manroland and found out more on the new ROLAND 900 and ROLAND 700 HiPrint HS at the "High-Performance Packaging Printing" technology forum. Over 40 visitors attended and were particularly interested in the automatic non-stop system for continuous production runs and fast production speeds.

"Even now is a very good time for us to present our innovations," said Hans-Jürgen Lind, the product manager in charge of large-format printing presses. Mainly coming from the packaging industry, visitors got a chance to take a look at the current ROLAND 900 series. It unifies trend-setting new features from the larger format 8 series and can print 15,000 sheets per hour to create complex folding boxes with double coating enhancement.

The most important developments include a greatly improved suction head in the optimized system, the new DualFlow inking units for variable ink flow, the integrated QuickChange Clamp for fast coating plate exchanges, delivery taken over from the ROLAND 900 XXL, and, now available for the ROLAND 900, the inline ink density and control system InlineColorPilot for an effective reduction in make-ready times and waste. This low-maintenance system can also be combined with the UV process. Participants were thrilled with the automatic non-stop system that changes piles fully automatically in the feeder and delivery. This is one of the most important components for achieving continuous production at high speeds. This automation system is also available in the ROLAND 700 HiPrint and HiPrint HS, as well as in the ROLAND 700 DirectDrive.