Braintree Printing

Braintree Printing Gets Personal in 2012 by Expanding VDP Services

According to Braintree Printing owner Jim Corliss, 2012 promises to be the year that printing gets personal as the Massachusetts-based printer expands its variable data printing services. "The era of mass-produced, cookie cutter printed materials is waning," he said. "Our customers want to speak directly to their clients, addressing them by name and reaching out with unique messages, images, and barcodes." Corliss said this one-to-one print marketing gets more attention and generates better results.

With 2012 just around the corner, Braintree Printing has seen a flurry of variable data printing activity as businesses update marketing materials for the new year. Companies are preparing for large-scale corporate conventions and trade shows by customizing printed documents for attendees. One of the few digital and offset printing companies in Massachusetts to offer start-to-finish services, from design to printing to bindery, Braintree Printing keeps the cost of variable data printing down by handling everything in-house.

Braintree Printing's variable-data printing fleet includes Oce VarioPrint 6250 and Xerox Nuvera 120 EA black & white copiers, two Xerox iGen 4 color copiers and the new Rena Mach 5 Digital Color Envelope Printer.

"We've also had an increase in the number of customers asking for index tabs in their marketing manuals and books using variable data printing," said Corliss. He said the company's Scotty 5000 index tab machine by Scott Index Systems is called into action on a daily basis.

Many convention-bound customers have large amounts of printed information they need to compile in a professional and organized manner. Index tabs help immensely by dividing printed pages into easily identifiable sections. "Index tabs highlight variable data and make each book's presentation look more professional," Corliss said.

Turn-around time and affordability have always been the hallmark of Braintree Printing's success and the company's foray into the variable data printing market enforces that philosophy. "Because we have variable data technology and bindery equipment in-house, we're able to complete every job with no downtime. And, since there's no sending phases of the printing process out to other vendors, we're keeping the total price of the finished product way down," Corliss said.