Phenix Label Bolsters Capabilities with Two New HP Indigo WS6000 Digital Presses

HP has announced that Olathe, KS- based converter Phenix Label recently installed two HP Indigo WS6000 digital label presses to help the company keep pace with larger competitors in the consumer product industries it serves.

"The printing market is becoming more concentrated, and digital printing is a way to separate ourselves from the pack," said Hans Peter, president and CEO, Phenix Label. "By avoiding the costly set-up time associated with traditional flexo printing, we are better equipped to meet customers' increasing demands for cost-effective short runs with a wider variety of SKUs."

Improving Service with Enhanced Productivity and Quality

In an industry where speed counts, digital printing provides a more streamlined pre-press process and better revision control compared to traditional flexo printing. Time saved by eliminating plate making and setup process allows Phenix to produce twice the throughput for jobs less than 5,000 linear feet, when compared with analog flexography. Now, Phenix can meet increased demands for same-day delivery, which was not possible with analog methods.

The company also attributes its success to being able to analyze customers' products and help them develop effective, eye-catching labels quickly and cost effectively. For example, a manufacturer in the home improvement industry recently approached Phenix for help to redesign its labels. With HP Indigo's true PANTONE-licensed spot-color inks and four-, six- and seven-color and PANTONE-licensed spot color emulation, Phenix was able to develop new labels with images showing home improvement customers all the different uses for the product while improving the overall print quality.

Waste Reduction Benefits Converters and Customers

Phenix also has strong environmental initiatives, including a label liner take-back program for customers and a recycling program that sends print waste to a manufacturer of energy pellets. The company estimates that using the HP Indigo WS6000, with its supported frame size of 12.48 x 38.58 inches, creates 15- to 20-percent less waste than traditional flexography.

Less waste generated during the printing process leads to increased savings for Phenix. In one month, the company eliminated 175,121 feet of wasted material using its HP Indigo digital presses and saved more than $5,000. Waste reduction also helps the company's customers decrease the environmental impact of their printing. This is especially important in consumer product labeling as retailers routinely evaluate the brands they work with to see how those brands are reducing their carbon footprints.

Designed to be more cost-effective than analog presses for label jobs up to 13,000 linear feet, the HP Indigo WS6000 is one of the most widely adopted production solutions for pressure-sensitive labels. The press's ability to print on a wide variety of substrates makes it a popular solution for shrink sleeves, flexible packaging, folding cartons and in-mold labels. HP Indigo technology is the only digital platform to win print quality contests when judged against flexographic- and offset-printed labels.