Bookmasters, Inc.

Chris Wachtel Named CIO of Bookmasters

Chris Wachtel has joined the Bookmasters team as our new Chief Information Officer. He was brought on board in an effort to streamline all IT/IS/programming functions and to carve out a new consolidated department focusing on evolving Bookmasters’ technical stability, communications, and external presentation to its clients. This initiative is geared toward technologically connecting all existing departments within Bookmasters’ walls while also bringing our clients a better user experience while partnered with Bookmasters.

Before coming to Bookmasters, Chris was the owner of MadelCart programming services. Prior to running MadelCart, Chris worked at Akron Brass, a leading area manufacturer, and First Merit Bank, a $14 billion financial institution, where he was a lead programmer and systems analyst.

It was through MadelCart’s third party programming services that Bookmasters experienced Chris’ professional background.

“They brought my company in to do some work with things like spreadsheet mapping of new titles,” he said. “They also needed some help with programming network infrastructure. It gave me some insight on how Bookmasters is organized.”

Chris and his wife, Jill, live in the Wooster area. They have two daughters, Madeline, 10, and Carter, 6. Chris mentions that the girls are heavily involved in a lot of activities including swim meets, piano recitals, and volleyball.

“It’s why we love Christmastime. It’s one of the few times where we’re not running from place to place, and we can be together as a family,” he said.

When he’s not crunching code, Chris said he enjoys golfing and auto racing, everything from drag racing to dirt track. He said he’s already been getting up to speed on Bookmasters’ needs and has been getting to know his new coworkers.

“Of all the jobs I’ve had, everyone here has been very welcoming,” Chris said. “There are good people here, and I’m looking forward to working with them.”