CP Bourg

C.P. Bourg Launches e-Newsletter

Starting a new tradition at the half century mark, C.P. Bourg the world's leading technology developer and supplier of on-line and near-line document feeding, binding and finishing equipment, announced that it has launched a new bi-monthly e-newsletter.

Designed to keep the company in touch with various constituents, the C.P. Bourg Pressbox is a quick and easy read providing the latest information about the key events, products and people shaping C.P. Bourg and the printing industry, notes James Tressler, C.P. Bourg Director of Marketing and Branch Operations.

"We have a great story to tell, and we wanted a better way to communicate those ideas with our customers, prospects and partners. As an e-newsletter, the Pressbox gives us an efficient way to do that while accommodating everything from customer testimonials and company initiatives to breaking news. It's intended to be a quick read, while giving readers the option to explore topics in greater depth by clicking on various hyperlinks.

"Subscribing to the e-newsletter is easy," adds Tressler. "Just visit www.mycpbourg.com, fill in the information and check the opt-in box."

By opting in, new subscribers will also be able to download the premiere issue of the Bourg Pressbox which debuted in early November, and be set to receive upcoming issues of the newsletter, starting with the second issue, which is being delivered to subscriber inboxes in early January.