Carestream Tollcoating Expands Pilot Coating Capabilities To Improve Time-to-Market, Reduce Costs

Carestream Tollcoating has announced the expansion of laboratory and pilot scale capabilities. This latest expansion is designed to improve the product and process development experience for customers in the display, battery component, membrane, medical devices, nanotechnology, imaging products and other advanced material markets.

Carestream Tollcoating's upgraded capabilities and services across four research and manufacturing facilities in Oregon, Colorado, Minnesota and New York now enable customers to conduct complex coating and advanced product development at any scale. These upgrades enhance all stages of product-process development to speed scale-up and to develop a more holistic understanding of key parameters (i.e., physical, rheological, thermal) that impact manufacturing operational windows. An earlier, broader understanding of the product-process window improves time to market and reduces overall development cost.

At the lab scale, Carestream Tollcoating utilized its decades of advanced coating experience to design and construct new coating equipment and add several new rheological, thermal, and physical property measurement capabilities. At the pilot scale, new capabilities include in-line web cleaning, improved corona discharge treatment, UV curing (including a temperature-controlled backing roll), higher precision steering and conveyance, and lamination. In addition, Carestream Tollcoating has added new and improved pilot coating methods to the long list of solution application techniques already employed. The combination of lab-scale coating and testing equipment upgrades and enhanced pilot-scale capabilities enables a broader range of process-product development work and targeted experiment design to optimize product performance and manufacturing cost.

"Working at the process development level, manufacturers can not only understand how particular materials will coat, but can establish the more sophisticated quality and process elements that are most important to development," said Rick Daniels, General Manager of Carestream Advanced Materials and Tollcoating. "OEMs require a streamlined approach to process development, and bringing the advanced testing and quality measures to the pilot level helps reduce the time and cost of eventual product development and production."