Top 50 GPO Print Suppliers for 2011 Announced

The top 50 private sector print suppliers that did the most work for U. S. Government Printing Office (GPO) during Federal Fiscal Year 2011 (October 2010 through September 2011) has been released. For the third consecutive year, NPC, Inc., of Claysburg, Pennsylvania, heads the list of GPO Top 50 Print Suppliers.

NPC was awarded $24.7 million in GPO printing in FY2011, compared to $23 million in FY2010 and to $29 million in FY2009.

More than 1,859 print suppliers obtained GPO work during FY2011. The value of all GPO work awarded to them during this period was $331 million compared to $358 million awarded in FY2010 and $425 million awarded in FY2009. Work done by the top 50 suppliers was valued at $206 million in FY 2011 compared to $223 million during FY2010 and $270 million during FY2009.

"In spite of the obvious, the decline of GPO work to the private sector for the third consecutive year, the GPO remains an important private sector market. Printers can, and should, develop the GPO into a dependable income source," said Deborah Snider, division president of Government Print Management -- a division of e-LYNXX Corporation. "Having a secondary market as strong as the GPO is essential during tough economic times because it provides a resource for profitable work that will fill production gaps. The key to succeeding with GPO is knowing when and how to bid for jobs that will strengthen your bottom line. Our mission at Government Print Management is to help you win that work using our expertise and extensive database/archives of GPO jobs and programs.”

While prices typically are lowered to win GPO work and fill production gaps, Snider said active GPO print suppliers increase their bottom line annual profitability from a national average of less than 2% to more than 14% when they bid low to consistently win work to fill downtime.

Print suppliers that rounded out the top 10 for FY2011 were (2) RR Donnelley of Chicago, Illinois; (3) Sourcelink of Miamisburg, Ohio; (4) Gateway Press of Louisville, Kentucky; (5) Monarch Litho of Montebello, California; (6) Cenveo of Stamford, Connecticut; (7) Gray Graphics Corporation of Capitol Heights, Maryland; (8) McDonald & Eudy Printers of Temple Hills, Maryland; (9) National Envelope of Uniondale, New York, and (10) Standard Register of Dayton, Ohio.

Snider said Government Print Managements works with many of the top 50 GPO printer suppliers and has seen an increased interest in the firm’s specialized expertise as printers strive to diversify their client base.