Boise to Share Sustainability Practices at Annual GreenBiz Forums

Want to learn more about working efficiently and minimizing office waste? Boise Inc. has announced that representatives from CHOICES, the company’s online sustainability forum, will lead workshops on “Optimizing Office Recycling and Reducing Waste” at three GreenBiz Forums this month in Minneapolis, New York and San Francisco.

A recent poll shows that most Americans don’t believe society will ever go completely paperless. That’s because people treasure communicating in a medium that is secure, intimate, timeless and often beautiful to touch and view. Paper is also sustainable – office paper is 100 percent recyclable and is made from a renewable resource that has minimal environmental impact when properly managed.

“Paper is an integral material and tool for our society,” said Alexander Toeldte, Boise Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer. “The key is to make smart choices about how, when and what kind of paper we use, both as individuals and organizations.”

Boise launched CHOICES to create an open forum for discussing corporate responsibility, profitability, bottom-line value and the positive social and environmental impact of paper. CHOICES seeks to provide expert professional guidance for office workers, so paper users and purchasers can make informed, effective choices about paper.

In this workshop, attendees will learn key facts about paper and how the decisions they make when purchasing, using and disposing of paper affect all three pillars of sustainability. Then, attendees will learn how to more effectively recycle and manage office waste with the help of iReuse, a sustainability consulting and software company.