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NPES Technical Report Provides Methodology to Establish Consistent Aims across Printing Processes

NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies announced today the publication of a new technical report, CGATS/TR015:2011 "Graphic technology — Methodology for Establishing Printing Aims Based on Shared Near-neutral Gray-scale Appearance," that provides a methodology for establishing consistent print tone reproduction and near-neutral gray scale across all CMYK printing processes.

The new technical report is the result of a shared effort between the Committee for Graphic Arts Technology Standards (CGATS) and the IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance) Print Properties Colorimetric Council, and documents the fundamental principles behind the shared near-neutral gray-scale approach to press calibration and characterization data set development. This methodology can be used to establish aims for any CMYK printing system regardless of the printing process used or gamut involved.

"The publication of CGATS/TR015 is validation of the G7 Methodology and supports further development and adoption of current IDEAlliance G7 Certification and Qualification Programs," said Joe Fazzi, Vice President of Media Production Technologies for IDEAlliance. He continued, "This technical report identifies for software providers, equipment manufacturers, and print providers the most effective process for managing a shared near-neutral grayscale print condition across multiple print platforms."

Committee members involved in the development of this technical report included a broad range of leading industry printers, RIP and software vendors, commercial printers, and other industry stakeholders.

NPES supports and administers the activities of the ANSI-accredited CGATS Committee. Participation on the committee is open to anyone having an interest.