Sir Speedy of Naperville

Sir Speedy in Naperville, IL, Now Offers Mobile Marketing Services

Kent and Julie Phillips, owners of Sir Speedy Printing, located in Naperville, are excited to announce that their business is now offering mobile marketing services to complement their full suite of printing and marketing services. Mobile marketing allows companies to get in front of their customers at any place and time. Sir Speedy’s mobile marketing services include mobile website design, text messaging and integrated marketing using Quick Response (QR) codes.

“As a printing and marketing services provider, we have always helped our customers to grow their business utilizing new technology available in our industry. With significant changes in consumer purchasing cycles and buying behaviors due to mobile devices, our customers need to reach their customers with new media. We help them accomplish this with tools such as QR codes and text messaging,” said Kyle Phillips, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sir Speedy.

“With our mobile website design services we can either convert an existing website or landing page to a mobile version or design new ones specifically built for the small screen of mobile devices,” continued Kyle.

Kent and Julie Phillips have operated their Sir Speedy, a family owned business, in Naperville for over 27 years. In addition to printing and marketing services, mobile marketing is part of a full suite of services designed to support branding, lead generation, cross-sell /upsell, customer retention and customer reactivation campaigns.