Emergence of Digital Mailbox Services to Drive Paperless Adoption

InfoTrends recently released a new study entitled The Emergence of Digital Mailbox Services which shows that digital mailbox services will deliver 2 billion paperless transactional documents to U.S. consumers in 2015—representing 7% of all transaction documents, 19% of all paperless delivery, and $323 million in transaction document delivery fees alone.

InfoTrends’ research reveals that digital mailbox services—secure delivery services that provide functionality beyond traditional bill consolidators—will begin to accelerate the transition from paper delivery; create new opportunities for customer engagement; and change who controls the hub for customer communications, payments, and promotions.

Willingness to Use

InfoTrends found that age had an effect on consumers’ willingness to try these services. 70% of respondents under the age of 35 reported a willingness to try a digital mailbox if certain criteria were met, compared to only about 41% of respondents over the age of 54. Another factor in willingness to try digital mailbox services was consumers’ approach to trying new services. Nearly 71% of early adopters were willing to try these services, compared to 58% of mainstream adopters and only 27% of late adopters.

Plans to Partner

From InfoTrends business research, key findings show that over 40% of businesses are in discussions with digital mailbox service providers or considering partnerships, with nearly 45% of them expecting to partner in the next 12 months.

What does this mean?

All players in the customer communications delivery value chain (e.g., billers, financial institutions, service bureaus, the U.S. Postal Service, and enabling technology vendors) will be impacted by digital mailbox services as volumes shift, the economy changes, and new competitors, partners, and suppliers emerge. It is critical that companies understand the opportunities that digital mailbox services present and the impact this emerging channel will have on their businesses.

For more information on the results from InfoTrends’ The Emergence of Digital Mailbox Services study, please contact Jennifer Skerrett at (781) 616-2111 or e-mail