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NewPage Introduces "Current" Educational Supplement to the "Ed" Series

NewPage announced the introduction of “Current”, a new supplemental series of printed educational pieces to support the popular NewPage “Ed” series. Since 2001, the Ed series has been providing customers with the latest information and sources of facts, figures and statistics on paper, printing and design.

“Current001” is the first in an educational series to be a source of more regular timely information for designers, commercial printers and businesses using today’s leading communication vehicles to reach audiences in conjunction with print. It provides an opportunity to continue the conversation throughout the year with customers about the power of print in between issues of Ed and presents up-to-the-minute information on specific topics.

In today’s fast-changing world, marketers continue to push the envelope in their quest to find new ways to connect with customers, and there is much more convergence between print, online, social and mobile technologies.

The first issue of “Current” is all about Quick Response (QR) codes, the latest method marketers are using to connect the printed page to online resources through mobile communications. QR codes are square, pixilated symbols used in printed materials such as magazines, catalogs, product brochures, posters and billboards that when scanned, connect the user to an online experience. The codes can be scanned by an app-equipped Smartphone to pull up text, photos, videos and other web-based content.

“For many marketers, QR codes are not really a new technology. However, as we continue to explore new communication vehicles in conjunction with print, it is valuable to look at examples from various industries, scanning statistics, and analytics that surround a new way to engage customers,” said Steven J. DeVoe, vice president, Marketing and Customer Service for NewPage. ”As we tell our customers: ‘Use print in your marketing mix only if you want improved results, more sales and better interaction with your customers.’”

The brochure “Ed” series is accompanied by the website. For more information about the “Current” or “Ed” series, please visit our website or contact Julie Davis at