SignPro Systems

New from SignPro Systems: 90 Products, Four Product Lines and Catalogs

SignPro Systems has announced the addition of four new product lines and over 90 new products in Volume 3 of its new catalog, The Sign Maker's Handbook. Here are a few of the recently introduced products and product lines.

Projecting Snap Frames

SignPro's Double-sided Projecting Snap Frames are an ideal way to provide direction or information and are available in a wide range of sizes. The spring-loaded edges allow easy graphic changes. Simply remove the lens, insert a new print and snap the edges shut.

Custom-Sized Snap Rails

Custom-sized Snap Rails permit a variety of possiblities to create wall mounted posters and signs of multiple sizes. The Snap Rail combines two custom-length spring-loaded snap rails with a backer and a clear non-glare protective lens, allowing for easy wall mounting simply by inserting the poster and snapping the edges shut.

Snapper Stand

The Snapper Stand is a snap-open frame mounted on a silver aluminum stand. The Snapper Stand serves as a podium for any signage or display. The snap frame allows quick and easy graphic changes. Portrait or landscape orientations available.

ADA-Compatible Divided Frames

SignPro's ADA-Compatible Divided Frames are a new addition to its curved frame line. The divider in these frames allow for an ADA insert as well as another informational or directional message. Frames have the same high quality curved aluminum body and are available in anodized silver or powder-coated black finish. Custom lengths are also available.

"Providing new signage opportunities to our clients is what we strive for," said Julien Aiglon, SignPro Systems Division Manager. "The introduction of four new product lines and over 90 new products will help us meet the needs and demands of our growing network."