Color-Logic Inc.

New Color-Logic Visualizer Removes Guesswork from Decorative Effects

Color-Logic—developer of the Process Metallic Color System—has begun shipping their new visualizer tool, which enables graphic designers and brand owners to visualize the complete array of Color-Logic metallic and decorative effects on their designer workstations.

Announcing the new visualization tool, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves commented: “Our new Color-Logic FX-Viewer permits designers and brand managers to accurately visualize all Color-Logic metallic hues and decorative effects. The Color-Logic FX-Viewer is an integral part of the basic Color-Logic software, which creates five-color files for printing with metallic inks or with white inks on metallic substrates. Using our software, designers can both create and view the metallic look and special effects of Color-Logic files right on their desktop workstation monitors, and thus verify visually, in one easy step, how their designs will appear when printed. It is no longer necessary to cycle through costly design iterations or expensive proofing to verify decorative effects.”