Harris & Bruno International

Leandra Wilson Named H&B Director of Strategic Operations & Human Resources

Harris & Bruno International announces Leandra Wilson has been named Director of Strategic Operations & Human Resources.

First focusing on supporting inside sales domestically and internationally, Leandra’s duties include recruiting and helping make every Harris & Bruno department more structured, focused and efficient.

“From building on the strengths of why Harris & Bruno Chambers and Pumping Systems are the choice of OEMs across the world, to analyzing the amazing success of our Anilox Roll Department, I want to help all team members better appreciate our processes,” Leandra said. “Even to the point of understanding why so many businesses are interested in the developments of our ExcelCoat Offline Coater, I’m here to help our team know the direction of our company’s success and how they each can make daily decisions that benefit it.”

Leandra already has a very good understanding of Harris & Bruno operations because she was the H&B Human Resources Manager from 2008-2011.

“I love the fact that a former manager like Leandra would want to come back to our company,” said Ed Lee, Harris & Bruno International Chief Operations Officer & Chief Financial Officer. “It reaffirms our dynamic company culture and enjoyable atmosphere that we all have created. She is the perfect person to nurture our core team and people we bring on board in order to continue our legacy of success and staying on the cutting edge of technology.”