iSys Label

DeMarchi Named Argentina Distributor for iSys Label

iSys Label is pleased to announce DeMarchi as Argentina Distributor.

“There are great opportunities in Argentina for the iSys Label line of printers. The APEX 1290 has the quality and impression we are looking for within the simplicity of the machine. The software allows the user to have a total control of the printer. The APEX 1290 can print on a variety of substrates, without pre- treatment, giving the user multiple output options while saving time” said Leonardo DeMarchi, Owner of DeMarchi.

DeMarchi is a converter, specializing in printing pressure sensitive labels, offering flexo, screen, offset, letterpress and now digital printers, with the new APEX 1290.

“iSys Label is truly thrilled to add DeMarchi as our Argentina Distributor,” said Randy Rickert, Director of iSys Label. “We are confident DeMarchi will present our products and offer quality service to our customer base in Argentina.

DeMarchi is located at Inca 236 B1836BBF Llavallol, Buenos Aires, Argentina. For more information please email: