West Linn Paper Company

West Linn Paper Company Achieves Climate Registered Status for a Third Year

West Linn Paper Company achieved Climate Registered status by successfully measuring its carbon footprint according to The Climate Registry's best-in-class program, then having it third party verified and reporting the data on The Registry's website. West Linn Paper joins over 440 other leading organizations across North America in adopting a truly sustainable approach to doing business.

Measuring their carbon footprint with The Registry allows West Linn Paper Company to prepare for future regulation, identify inefficiencies and potential for cost savings, and provide real and meaningful data to their customers and shareholders about their environmental performance. It is a continued step towards reducing their energy usage, costs and carbon emissions.

"Measuring environmental performance is essential to our customers and helps the mill better manage decisions on how to improve on and obtain sustainability goals," states Penny Machinski, Environmental Manager for West Linn Paper Company. "The Climate Registry provides a third party verification to ensure the mill's measurements are consistent year-over-year, accurate and transparent."

West Linn Paper has been tracking and reporting environmental performance since 2005 and has been working with the Climate Registry since 2008. Each year the mill has made significant progress toward publically stated energy conservation goals and just last year modified water, energy and CO2 emission goals to raise the company's targets even higher.

"Climate Registered organizations understand that there are both environmental and economic benefits to understanding and managing your carbon footprint," said David Rosenheim, Executive Director of The Climate Registry. "West Linn Paper Company has become part of a powerful community of Climate Registered organizations, with substantive data guiding and supporting its sustainable activities."