ArtAffirm to Work with Any File Format

Lucid Dream Software, Inc. is proud to announce that its online preflighting and layout tool ArtAffirm implements multi-format file support. This latest enhancement makes online submittance of all kinds of print jobs even easier and gains more business leverage for the printing industry. It is time for printers to engage with customers’ care rather than training staff to work with various programs that in a wink of the eye get out of date and imply rising update costs.

Just think about buying a new software package for your printing business that is always up-to-date? Sounds familiar? Lucid Dream Software has the solution. Lucid’s web2print software ArtAffirm now supports nearly all file formats that online the printing community may ever come up with - DOC, PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPG, Excel, PowerPoint as well as PostScript files and many others. There’s no longer a need to deal with the various file formats of customers’ print files – ArtAffirm will preflight, proof and convert them to PDF for you.

“A printer could easily spend $10,000 per year just buying and updating the software packages for a few desktop stations. That doesn't include training and the time their operators could spend on more pressing business projects”, says David Lewis, CEO Lucid Dream Software. “ArtAffirm ensures that the printer just gets a print ready PDF”.

ArtAffirm can be integrated in existing web2print storefronts via online web services. It is designed to let users make an effective design. Multiple pages capability, layers, zoom, hand tool and rulers are just some of the features of this powerful software. In case of any issues, users are always supported by the authoritative site and the interactive Live chat functionality. ArtAffirm checks both, uploaded files and the final designed product. Once the layout is finished and preflighted, the PDF file is created and sent to the back-end for printing. This way, errors are eliminated and the printer can constantly rely on the file’s conformity to his individual surroundings.