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HORIZON Orders its Second :M-Press Leopard from Agfa

Less than six months after the installation of the first :M-Press Leopard flatbed press in Ireland, Dublin-based print & design company HORIZON has opted for a second machine. This is to satisfy demand generated by the quality from the first machine.

"Our positive experience with the first installation of the :M-Press Leopard has given us the confidence to make this further significent investment," said Ken Kavanagh, Joint Managing Director.

The :M-Press Leopard enables the company to print on substrates up to 1.6m x 2.6m, up to 50mm thick and at resolutions up to 720dpi.

Kavanagh added: "Our customers don't just ask for print any longer, they now request the :M-Press Leopard when ordering their printed material."

"When we installed the first :M-Press Leopard we expected it would not only benefit the company but our clients too. We have been proved correct and this has been key to us investing in a second machine so soon," adds Derek Gillen, Joint Managing Director at HORIZON.

The :M-Press Leopard incorporates the same inkjet shuttle technology as the Agfa Graphics' :M-Press Tiger, meaning it can match it for print quality, and has been designed for jobs that require more manual handling.