Inca Onset S20 from Fujifilm 'Combines' Screen and Large-Format Print

Virupa recently decided to considerably expand its print volume. A definite necessity as the company is growing rapidly. With more than a 100 employees it is now one of the leading specialists in tailor-made in-store and out-store communication in The Netherlands.

The company, originating from the screen printing sector, later also acquired large format printers, and decided in 2007 to outsource the remaining screen printing work. From the beginning of 2011, the company has been able to produce large runs quickly, and in excellent quality, using its new Inca Onset S20 from Fujifilm.

Increasing Volume

Virupa generates most of its turnover from large signage orders and large format print for major retailers, transport companies and large chain stores, and maintains an on-going regional presence. The company is based close to the German border and aims to 'spread its wings' into Germany also.

Operations kicked off in 1992 with a production hall of approximately 250m2, which was expanded in 1998 to 5,000m2. In 2008 the company commissioned a new building with a showroom and more production facilities, all in all amounting to 11,000m2.

In 2000 Virupa took over, or started, other companies, including Tritop Interieurbouw, Wanders Synthetics and Decorpress Doetinchem. They supplement the range Virupa is able to offer and complement Virupa departments that produce aluminium profiles and bend synthetics into shelf displays etc.

Elwin Bullée, Operations Director, explains that the acquisition of the Inca Onset S20 from Fujifilm fits seamlessly within this strategy. "We needed to increase our print volume. Because this Inca Onset S20 enables us to produce these larger volumes, up to 310m2 per hour, in excellent quality and larger runs more efficiently, we have managed to strengthen our competitive position in the market. We can also recoup part of the screen printing market by no longer having to outsource work that we can do in-house. Because we can go direct to print our costs are now lower. In addition, we benefit from higher productivity because we can print the full flatbed area of the Inca Onset S20."

Enhanced Quality and More Options

Those are not the only reasons why the Inca Onset S20 was the favourite choice, explains Elwin Bullée. "It is also the only machine on the market that can print gloss graduations. The effect of high gloss in graduations really attracts attention, something we could only achieve with screen printing before. UV inks are always matt and demand additional processing."

Banding is no longer a problem because the flatbed moves and not the print heads. The prints are razor sharp. Elwin Bullée shows his business card to illustrate the sharpness of small letter groups. But there is more. "The PMS range, controlled via ISO 12647, is more extensive than we were used to. The colour range now truly matches screen printing."

With clients, there is a huge amount of interest in posters on paper, gloss effects and specific spot colours exactly matching their house style. "Graphic designers and advertising agencies in particular wax lyrical when they experience the new possibilities for themselves", Elwin Bullée comments happily.


The investment in the Onset S20 is part of the company's strategy to automate and streamline production. Customers can place orders via web portals and interfaces. Regularly-used materials or products are kept in stock or can be produced immediately. For example, Virupa has links with chain-stores with more than 100 outlets that place orders almost continually. The company also has its own assembly service, which covers tasks ranging from window application to the suspension of logo boards and assembly of illuminated advertising. "Our one-stop shopping approach aims to relieve customers of as many tasks as possible", concludes Elwin Bullée. "I am pleased to say that the Inca Onset S20 is already lightening our load in the printing department."