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Big Mountain Imaging Installs Rho 500R to Extend Capabilities

Big Mountain Imaging wanted the world to know it had started printing jobs on its new five-meter Durst Rho 500R Superwide Roll-to-Roll UV Inkjet Printer. So the company used the power of billboards outside its giant Philadelphia operations center to share the news.

"Everything we do, we do it big and we do it with passion. So when we got the Rho 500R, we handled that the same way," Big Mountain Imaging President Jason Cardonick said. "The billboard got a lot of notice for us and for the Rho 500R."

Founded in 1999, Big Mountain Imaging is a global leader in the design and implementation of large-format graphic solutions. The company's energetic approach to business, vast array of leading technologies and systems, and expanding client base allows it to compete successfully on an international scale.

Some of its handiwork can be seen on the facades of major hotel-casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, N.J., where the company operates facilities to support its expansive business. Big Mountain Imaging projects also can be found at trade shows and shopping malls, on stadiums

and in museums, and adorning vehicle fleets. The company handles all aspects of a project for clients – from conceptualization to installation.

Cardonick said Big Mountain Imaging chose the Rho 500R after thorough research into the capabilities and performance of printers in the category. The research included a visit to Durst's production facility in Lienz, Austria. The 500R did the best job of meeting a list of requirements: image quality, versatility, ease of use, reliability, and productivity.

"We know what it takes to run a successful business, we know how fast-paced this industry can be, and we know what it takes to exceed client expectations," Cardonick said. "Our Durst printer makes us better on all those fronts. We're more efficient, productive and profitable. We can keep pace – we can even set the pace now. And we can offer our clients more options – on or before deadline. This is a big-time printer that's a terrific match for Big Mountain Imaging."

The award-winning Rho 500R prints six-color, 600-dpi images on vinyl, mesh and other superwide roll media at speeds up to 3,760 sqft/hr. It also prints three independent images from three separate job queues on three different 1.6-meter rolls all at the same time to achieve high efficiency and handle a broader range of applications. The Rho 500R operates unattended, uses less ink than comparable superwide platforms, and minimizes operational costs due to its high productivity, advanced workflow and remarkable versatility.

"We appreciate Big Mountain Imaging's enthusiasm for its business and for the Rho 500R, and we're pleased the company has joined the Durst family," said Christopher Howard, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Durst U.S. "Jason Cardonick's trend-setting company looks ahead and thinks big."

"We're glad Big Mountain Imaging has made Durst part of their story," Howard said.