INX International Ink Co.

INX Digital Introduces New Southern California Partner

INX Digital International has announced that 360 Digital Imaging Solutions is now a new authorized partner. The newly formed, San Diego based distributor will offer a wide format line of TRIANGLE branded ink to customers in the southwestern U.S. Ink products for HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and Seiko digital printers include HPS, MLD, EDX, JVV, JVS and DTX.

360 Digital Imaging Solutions is a product knowledge driven company that specializes as a value-added reseller of large format supplies and equipment. The new business venture began operations last month and is managed by a seasoned group of people with extensive sales and technical experience in the digital industry. Familiar with and understanding of the challenges digital print companies face, 360 promises next day delivery to its customers located in the southwestern states.

INX Digital's TRIANGLE brand inks offer outstanding value and many benefits for the alternative solutions market. For example, EDX is a fast drying ink with low odor and provides a significant cost savings when compared to OEM wide format inks, typically saving customers 30-50 percent. By partnering with 360, INX Digital International's Chip Vielhauer said the company expects to strengthen its presence in the Southern Californian market.

"INX Digital is very excited about the new business opportunities that are likely to develop as part of our new partnership with 360 Digital Imaging Solutions," said Vielhauer, the company's North American Partner Sales Manager. "We continue to focus on the changing needs of the printer service provider (PSP) and with a quality partner such as 360, we can support the business needs of PSPs looking for alternative ink solutions. Long term, I see the potential for this partnership to increase our market share in the region."