Hires Director of Business Development, a leading provider of integrated direct marketing solutions, is proud to announce the hiring of Maureen Raymond as its new Director of Business Development. In this position, Raymond will apply her knowledge and experience within the nonprofit sector to advance’s agency component, which offers expert fundraising, membership and marketing services.

Raymond brings to the position a wealth of expertise, spanning nearly every aspect of the industry from estimating to overseeing production to managing lists to directing regional sales operations to consulting. Her hands-on experience, primarily in the nonprofit arena, gives her rare insight into the challenges these organizations face. Combined with her extensive knowledge of creative, list segmentation, personalization, printing and mailing services, she is uniquely qualified to lead’s business development efforts. has long recognized that the objectives of commercial and nonprofit organizations are more alike than not. Moreover, the tools and techniques employed to advance commercial accounts have direct applications in fundraising and membership efforts, but most agencies have neither the expertise nor the tools to exploit these methodologies on their behalf. Raymond’s objective will be to communicate the unique value proposition brings to the marketplace: experience, documented results and a propriety customer segmentation tool called GeoSelector. Further, possesses full, on-premise production facilities allowing it to make recommendations on how to develop the campaign, the materials to be used, the lists to be accessed, the personalization to be done, the response rates to be achieved and the most effective mailing strategy plus the ability to control production timing and costs.

Raymond commented, “Media, such as e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more, have opened new communication channels, and technological advances continue to revolutionize every contact method including direct mail. Yet, most agencies rely on an outdated concept of what they believe works best with the widest possible range of prospects: mail out a single package with a single message to a general audience derived from a flat mailing list. My objective will be to bring the unique skills and proprietary technology that only possesses to nonprofits and associations so that they, too, can experience the successes’s commercial clients have.”

Price Anderson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for, said, “Our test results prove how potent smart, technology-driven tools are in attaining the marketing goals of our commercial customers. Yet, nonprofits and associations are generally unaware of the proprietary technology and expertise can employ as their fundraising agency. It’s time for nonprofits and associations to leverage the power of data overlays, segmentation, targeted messaging and more. Maureen’s skills will undoubtedly get that message out and bring’s data and analytic solutions to this sector.”