German Engineering for the International Printing Industry

From 3rd to 16th May 2012 Drupa opens its doors in Düsseldorf – and the international printing industry flocks at the Rhine to see the novelties and trends for the graphic industry.

The Hönle Group, represented by their printing specialists Hönle, Eltosch and PrintConcept, will showcast their unique portfolio of UV, UV-LED and IR/HA drying systems. In hall 6, booth D30, the companies will show their established products as well as cutting-edge novelties.

Hightech UV dryers made by Hönle

Dr. Hönle AG is the head of Hönle Group and a worldwide acknowledged specialist for UV technology. At Drupa Hönle shows their huge repertoire of UV dryers and UV drying systems:

A downright all-rounder for classical UV curing is the approved UVAPRINT series. These compact-sized high-performance dryers can be integrated in almost any manufacturing process. They guarantee optimal curing of inks and varnishes even at highest rates of production. UVAPRINT-units are apt for web-shaped and three-dimensional drying processes.

Hönle‘s pureUV convinces by its highly intensive irradiation. Its patented reflector geometry effectively filters out undesirable IR irradiation and thus enables the printing on temperature sensitive substrates. PureUV has got a conveniently compact size. Its “quick change” cassette makes it particularly easy to handle.

New! The Hönle jetCURE-series has been especially developed for wide-format inkjet printing applications. These high-performance UV dryers (up to 240W/cm) permit excellent curing results and enhanced printing quality – even at high printing speeds.

jetCure units are equipped with dichroic reflectors for temperature-sensitive materials and are available with lamp spectra to suit the specific ink. Customization goes without saying!

UV-LED – the future has begun

In addition to coventional UV dryers Hönle offers a broad spectrum of UV-LED units. The one which is generally used for printing applications is the LED Powerline. This high-performance array can be perfectly used for pinning and final curing in inkjet printing. The LED Powerline is available in wavelengths of 365/375/385/395/405nm and can be perfectly adapted to any inkjet application. The length of the array is variable in 40-mm steps and can be extended up to > 100 cm, just as the customer requires. Due to its small size and low weight the LED Powerline fits into even smallest spaces.

In the coming years, the UV-LED technology will gain more and more importance, also for printing applications.

The Hönle Group is a given trailblazer for this important technology. We put a strong emphasis on research and on developing trend-setting curing solutions, always in close collaboration with chemical manufacturers.

Eltosch – Novelties for sheet-fed offset printing

The sheet-fed offset specialist of the group, Eltosch, is presenting its successful Light Guide UV module at Drupa 2012. An optimized reflector system and a unique design are at the core of this UV module's success. UV lamp power up to 240 W/cm offers the necessary power reserves for demanding curing tasks. With a radiation length of up to 2.400 mm, even the largest web widths are easy to handle.

The Light Guide UV module in combination with the Hönle EPS was granted the BG certificate for “Energy-minimized drying” in November 2009.

With more than 40 years of experience in IR/HA drying systems for sheet-fed offset printing, Eltosch has long been known as a technology expert in this field. The directly heated EcoDirect and EcoDirect smart jets are ground-breaking developments in terms of power, drying performance and efficiency.

NEW! With the latest further development of this series, the ECOPower- Dry, Eltosch has once again pointed out its technological leadership: When developing this innovative drying system, Eltosch geared very much on the procedural requirements of the end customer. So Eltosch succeded in bringing up a modulare IR/HA system that can be easily adapted to any line speed, drying distance or special application.

The principle of this lately developed IR/HA drying system is based on the combination of separate independent IR/HA segments. Each segment contains an own supply unit with integrated fan, damp register and microcontroller, which allows an individual programming. All IR/HA segments can be operated by a central control system, which at the same time is the interface to the printing unit and thus also offers peripheral equipment such as central exhaust or heat exchanger. An external cabinet for damper register or fan is not necessary, nor is a complex pipework.

The advantages of the ECOPowerDry: simple handling, easy mounting, best energy efficiency possible and reliability of the manufacturing process.

PrintConcept: UV dryers for web offset and flexo printing

An excellent choice for label and narrow-web applications between 150 and 550 mm is the PC-1-A-ECO. This innovative UV system by Print-Concept guarantees a highly effective curing, also for temperaturesensitive substrates.

The water-cooled UV system PC-2-W-ECO offers up to 225W/cm UV performance for all offset and flexo applications with a working width up to 2.500 mm.

For both lamp types the patented cassette system by PrintConcept guarantees an easy cleaning, a quick lamp exchange as well as a high reliability of the manufacturing process.

Effective in every respect: nitrogen-inert UV printing

A very effective option of UV printing is curing in inert atmosphere, which is gaining more and more importance in finishing and package printing. In this process the oxygen in the air, which blocks the full curing of UV inks, is eliminated by nitrogen. Advantages of nitrogen inertisation: full surface cross-linking, first-class printing quality, higher rate of production, less smell and migration.

Some products, for example such with extra scratch- and abrasion-proof coatings, can only be cured in inert atmosphere. Inertisation does not only increase printing effectivity, in addition it saves energy as less lamp power is necessary than in oxygenic atmosphere – which is also an advantage for temperature-sensitive substrates.

The Hönle Group offers first-class solutions for nitrogen-inert UV printing. At the Drupa 2012 PrintConcept shows an inert UV system for low-migration inks. This latest generation of nitrogen-inertisation is characterized by its flat inert chamber and precise measuring technology. Nitrogen is uniformly distributed in the chamber.

This high-speed inertisation reduces the concentration of photoinitiators and thus the migration. Especially in food packaging this reduction of migration but also of smell is more important than ever. The inert UV system by PrintConcept helps fullfilling the growing demands of manufacturers, consumers and lawmakers. For application with silicone oxygen can almost completely be eliminated from the inert chamber: a residual oxygen concentration of less than 50 ppm can be neglected as it is no problem at all.

The specific feature of PrintConcept technology: the air- or water-cooled lamps can be retrofitted with nitrogen-inertisation without any difficulty.

Offers just more: the Hönle Group

In addition to high-end drying systems the Hönle Group offers a great variety of peripheral equipment. Amongst them electronical power supply, reflectors, UV measuring devices as well as first-class UV lamps, manufactured by Aladin GmbH.

Their high real net output ratio makes the Hönle Group an unique supplier for curing and drying technology worldwide.

Visit us at Drupa, hall 6, booth D30.