ppi Media, Inc.

Evers-Frank Group New Principal Shareholder of ppi Media

The medium-sized Evers-Frank Group has taken over ppi Media GmbH to-gether with the Bertsch Innovation Group. Norbert Ohl and Martin Ruhle will continue as managing directors of ppi Media.

“ppi Media will continue to provide its entire product portfolio to all of its customers in all of its markets, from software for newspaper planning to iPad apps. Furthermore, as a result of these new shareholders, we expect an exciting potential for development and expansion in the digital world,” said Norbert Ohl, COO of ppi Media. With the Evers-Frank Group as a shareholder, ppi Media will leave the corporate structure of its former parent company, manroland AG, profiting in future from the lean, flexible structures and short communication channels that a medium-sized, family-owned company has to offer. “ppi Media will continue to work as the industry would expect from a leading player in the market: independently, professionally and reliably. For us, close cooperation with ppi Media is a further groundbreaking step towards an integrated and, in particular, cross-media print and media group,” said Kay Julius Evers, spokesman for the Board of Directors of the Evers-Frank Group.

Bertsch Innovation Group and ppi Media: synergies and growth potential

ppi Media and the Bertsch Innovation Group merge classic print solutions and digital innovations into new cross-media products and services that go even beyond the media industry. “We are very pleased that ppi Media will enhance our portfolio as a high-performance, trend-setting company in the publishing industry. We will pool our expertise in print and online so that, by cooperating closely, we can further expand ppi Media's market position,” said Dr. Ulrike Handel, member of the Board of Directors of the Bertsch Innovation Group. The Bertsch Innovation Group has many years of experience in developing technology, creating complex media databases and advising diverse clients from the publishing industry, as well as a global interdisciplinary network.

Evers-Frank Group and ppi Media: a network for digital services

From a conventional offset printing house to a service provider for digital offers: the Evers-Frank Group completed this transition in an extremely short period of time. Dr. Jens Silligmüller, Executive Director for Business Development at the Evers-Frank Group as well as EversFrankmedia, in which ppi Media will be organizationally located, said, “In 2011, we were able to win Comosoft, a leading provider of software solutions for companies in the trade, mail-order and tourism sectors, as a partner in EversFrankmedia. ppi Media expands our network for digital services by adding software solutions for the publishing industry.” In the publishing industry, ppi Media stands for highly-automated process solutions for the planning and production of newspapers, prepress software and cross-media ad booking and editorial systems.