FUJIFILM Dimatix Introduces SG-1024 Industrial Single-pass Printhead and Adds RediJet Jetting Technology to Its Printhead Lineup for drupa 2012

FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc., the world's leading supplier of drop-on-demand inkjet printheads for industrial applications, will exhibit its comprehensive range of industrial inkjet solutions on the Fujifilm booth in Hall 8b at drupa 2012 (Dusseldorf, Germany May 3rd - 16th), within the specially designated ‘Technology Leadership Zone’.

FUJIFILM Dimatix will use drupa 2012 to display its extensive printhead product line for wide format graphics, commercial printing, decorative and material deposition applications. Visitors to the stand will see a select range of material deposition systems, including the DMP-2831 and DMP-3000, designed for fluids, process and product development for diverse applications including printed electronics.

The company will also use the show to introduce and demonstrate its new SG-1024/M—a high nozzle density, drop-on-demand, inkjet printhead designed specifically for demanding industrial single-pass printing and decorative applications.

The strength of the SG-1024 lays with its easy to integrate, high performance repairable construction that combines superior jetting performance in a compact, self-contained design. Each printhead has 1024 independent jets arranged in 8 rows, each with 128 channels.

With a singular, durable metal nozzle plate, the first model, the SG-1024/M has a nominal 20-30 picoliter drop size (fluid-dependent) and is compatible with aqueous, oil-based ceramic inks and associated maintenance fluids. When combined with VersaDrop™ jetting technology, this printhead has full grayscale operation with drop sizes to 80 picoliters.

The SG-1024/M incorporates Dimatix’ new RediJet jetting technology. RediJet consolidates several breakthough innovations such as unique nozzle plate design, special conformal and non-wetting surface coatings, enhanced on-head electronics, ink recirculation and waveforms tailored to specific fluids.

RediJet unlocks the full productive capacity of a printhead while lowering the recurring service cost. The defining characteristic of this technology is minimizing initial start-up and ongoing maintenance times along with reducing associated fluid consumption, especially when using faster drying and/or heavily pigmented ink formulations like those found in high-speed, industrial, single-pass systems. As the name invokes-- RediJet is ‘ready to jet’ when you are and is a key enabler of SG-1024 based high speed, industrial single-pass inkjet system designs.

FUJIFILM Dimatix will also display its ‘SAMBA’ MEMS printhead on a chip technology - a core component used within the ‘Jet Press 720’. Developed jointly by FUJIFILM Dimatix and FUJIFILM Corporation, SAMBA is an extensible ‘printhead on a chip technology’. It is analogous to the evolution of the Integrated Circuit (IC) from a single chip with limited functionality to Large Scale Integration (LSI) incorporating thousands of integrated functions. This breakthrough in printhead design results in the potential of achieving the packing density and cost of Thermal Inkjet (TIJ), with the high throughput of Continuous Inkjet (CIJ), yet providing the operational flexibility associated with Piezo Inkjet (PIJ).