Durst Image Technology US, LLC

Inspiration Instead of Exhibition Rush

An extra-special evening event was in store for around 210 customers and interested parties of Durst Phototechnik AG after the exhibition day ended in Barcelona on February 23. The company, which consciously decided against participating at Fespa Digital in drupa 2012, invited guests to an exclusive event in Arenys de Munt, around 40 minutes' drive outside the Catalonian capital. In the exclusive and focused atmosphere of Castel Jalpi, a former mansion with a colourful history, guests were able to enjoy a programme which notably contrasted the exhibition rush.

Dr. Markus Lorenz, head of the Boston Consulting Group, Munich, had agreed to illuminate in an exclusive presentation in English "The future of digital printing in light of economic, social and technological trends". The main theme – and thus surely also food for thought for some of the printing service providers present – was the statement that the growth in volume of digital printing in many areas has in all probability passed its peak. In the graphic markets, the majority of orders that can currently be transferred from analogue to digital in an economically viable way have already been converted. The printing sector as a whole is also threatened by a general loss of volume, particularly at POS and direct advertising: digital signage, as well as mobile and internet advertising will gain massive shares in the advertising cake while dramatic reductions are prophesied to some extent for conventional – printing-based – advertising forms.

Dr Lorenz therefore called for a new medium-term strategic orientation for the printing sector. He recommended turning away from the self conception as a purely graphical service provider and instead recommended an intense search for new business models such as in the growing areas of direct marketing and logistics, in the trend segment of individualised products or for industrial applications. Even Durst Phototechnik AG expects a similar market development – for this reason, since 2012 the company motto has been "The Industrial Ink Specialist". A lively panel discussion developed in view of this pioneering analysis. This was continued, equally as lively, in the more intimate setting of the individual tables afterwards – naturally during an exclusive gourmet dinner as Castel Jalpi is famous for its exquisite cuisine.