Trelleborg Printing Solutions Receives ISEGA Certification for Food Packaging

Trelleborg Printing Solutions, a leading manufacturer of printing blankets, has received accreditation from independent testing institute ISEGA for both its Rollin and Vulcan ranges of printing blankets. The official certification confirms that Trelleborg Rollin and Vulcan blankets can safely and confidently be employed in the printing process of food packaging.

“The food packaging industry is fast becoming a growing and highly attractive market for Trelleborg, so to receive such an industry-wide sought-after certification is a remarkable achievement,” said Thomas Linkenheil, PA Director at Trelleborg Engineered Systems. “The fact that not one but both of our core blanket ranges have been recognized by the prestigious standard makes the accreditation even more special.”

As the premium choice in printing blankets, Trelleborg’s Vulcan range of packaging blankets is designed to be durable and yet produce quality dot reproduction in high-impact packaging printing.

Specifically designed for the packaging market, Trelleborg’s new Vulcan Kart-One is a hybrid blanket that has been carefully developed for use with both conventional and UV inks. The new cost-efficient blanket boasts a long service life, exceptionally high smash resistance and superb print quality.

Trelleborg’s Rollin range of printing blanket solutions operate using cutting-edge techniques in order to tailor services to unique and challenging printing demands. The innovative range is robustly reliable, and has unequaled durability, lowering printing costs without sacrificing high standards of quality.

The new Rollin LibiX from Trelleborg, which has also been specifically developed for the packaging market, is suitable for use with both conventional and UV inks and incorporates a solvent-free carcass, making it more environmentally friendly.

The combination of a thick compressible layer and a compressible polymer bottom layer results in exceptional resistance to smashes, while the mechanically strong top compound ensures excellent release properties. The surface is ground and buffed to very fine tolerances, resulting in first-class print quality and good dense solids.