Stork Prints Demonstrates Total System Solutions at drupa

Stork Prints will be demonstrating its expertise in many different aspects of digital and rotary screen printing for labels and packaging at drupa, May 3-16, 2012 in Düsseldorf (Hall 3, booth E70).

Stork Prints is a pioneer in digital textile printing and active in the digital printing industry for over 25 years. On show will be everything from the digital label printer and engravers to rotary screen printing modules and screens. There will also be plenty of demonstrations so visitors can witness the advantages of Stork Prints solutions firsthand.

Brilliant, rapid and low-cost labels with the DSI

One of the main attractions at our stand will be the DSI UV inkjet printer. This digital printing press produces eye-catching labels with excellent colour strength and brilliance, at speeds up to a remarkable 700m2/hour, while keeping costs low. Multiple demos will be given each day.

The DSI is a truly cost-effective UV inkjet label printer, offering sublime printing quality at amazing speeds. Its combination of photographic quality and a rotary screen "look and feel" makes it suitable for everything from short- to medium- and even long-run jobs. Especially when used in combination with Stork Prints' own-brand inks, all developed and produced in-house, it gives superior results characterized by a high resistance to light and impressive scratch-proofing.

The DSI achieves visual resolution on labels of up to 1000dpi, as well as 3D effects that resemble screen printing. It also accurately reproduces tonal values as low as 1%. Printing on many different types of substrates can be accomplished and the new digital primer even enables printing on machine coated paper. Repeat lengths of up to 7m are possible, and are therefore not limited by the drum size.

But that's not all; the DSI is modular in design, and therefore suitable for everything from stand-alone digital printing to use in complete lines with in-line (semi-rotary) converting. Hence the excellent TCO (total cost of ownership) per printed label. It is supplied with four print heads as standard, although an additional six can be added to enable options like digital white, digital primer and an extended colour gamut through the colours orange and violet. This versatile unit is ideal for markets ranging from food and personal care to wine and spirits, household goods and outdoor applications.

Easy conversion with RSI

On display will be a range of modular print units based on our renowned Rotary Screen Integration (RSI) technology. At our stand will be four RSI print units, the RSI 2 16", the RSI Compact and RSI print modules for OEM partners Nilpeter and OMET. These units are easily shifted to the position where screen printing is needed using an optional sliding rail. The print units reach speeds of up to 100 m/min.

Contemporarily designed, the RSI print modules can be seamlessly integrated into the architecture, software and mechanics of the latest-generation presses. Key benefits include full interaction, user-friendly and a short learning curve.

It can be controlled through the main panel of the press. This provides simultaneous, centralised monitoring of all rotary screen positions alongside other printing and converting operations.

With RSI, label printers can produce special effects and access extra functionality that cannot be achieved by any other printing process. Reliable and economical value-added production of the 'non-label look', metallic and opaque colours, glitters, tactile warning symbols, texture varnishes, scratch-off inks and many other effects can be applied using our RSI technology.

RotaMesh and RotaPlate

Other rotary screen highlights at the Stork Prints stand include the re-imageable RotaMesh® screens for RSI systems, and the re-usable RotaPlate® screens for non-Stork Prints systems. Both screen systems feature the ultra-stable electroformed pure-nickel construction, offering easy handling, high stability and longevity at relatively high speeds. The RotaMesh and RotaPlate screens and samples will be on display, featuring applications characteristics such as tactile, glitter, holograms, opaque whites, adhesives, glow in the dark, UV-active, thermo-sensitive, iridescent, security and brand protection.

Security printing program

In the battle against counterfeiting, rotary screen printing technology is used for a variety of security features, for example for cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, food packaging and event tickets. At the Drupa, Stork Prints will display various printed security samples, that can be incorporated in your labels or packaging. We also offer a program for the high secure area, as tax banderols and bank notes. Understandably, because of the sensitive character of this topic, we advise you to contact our responsible sales managers.

Gravure Sleeves Program improves flexibility and profitability

Visitors to the booth can also witness Stork Prints renowned gravure sleeves dedicated to the packaging industry. The gravure sleeves are popular due to their positive effect on handling, storage and transport savings.

At Drupa Stork Prints will have the exclusive premier of the brand new Gravure Sleeves Program. This program consists of light weighted sleeves and light weighted adapters. The completely reengineered gravure sleeves are based upon a one metal technology, direct engraveable nickel. The user-friendly nickel sleeve material is also a much less of a hazard for the environment, than for instance cupper plate with chrome.

Besides the current process of EME (electromechanical engraving), the engraveable nickel sleeves can also be engraved by Stork Prints' direct laser engraving systems. The laser technique engraves images onto sleeves in a fully digital, one-step process - simply engrave your desired design and the sleeve is ready to print. It eliminates costly products like film and time-consuming processes such as exposure, washing and drying. No chrome plating is needed, which saves handling and also contributes to the environmental protection. The sleeve is sustainable: after usage, the sleeve can be scrapped and the nickel can be re-used for new sleeve production.

The sleeves are light weighted -5 to 20 pounds-, that will simplify handling as compared to heavy cylinders. Sleeves will thus reduce the need for large stocks of cylinders. The sleeves are available in any repeat size from 12" to 42" and in printing widths up to 75".

The Program is completed with Stork Prints' adapters, being the bridge between mandrel and sleeve. This Gravure Sleeves Program will reduce the stock of cylinders and will even further decrease handling costs. Sleeves can be mounted in and outside the machine and will reduce set-up times dramatically.

This Gravure Sleeves Program will have positive effects on the flexibility and profitability in gravure printing.

Many advantages with direct laser engraving (digital pre-press)

At the Drupa we will also be justifying our position as technology leader in digital pre-press with direct laser engraving. This purely digital technique – engraving and rinsing are the only steps required - puts an end to time-consuming processes like exposure, washing and drying.

We will be showcasing - and demonstrating several times each day - two digital pre-press machines in Düsseldorf: the Helios and the rotaLEX.

The Helios, serves all dry offset as well as all label and narrow web applications. This direct laser engraving system allows flexo-sleeves, flexo-plates, dry offset, letterpress forms and screens to be imaged in a completely digital process.

The Stork Prints' Helios offers superior quality results, principally because much greater shaping control is achieved than possible by conventional exposure. Dot shoulders can be afforded extra support in localized areas, such as in highlights. The dot-shaping tool, Active 3D RIP, automatically programs smooth colour-density gradations, from 90 to 1%, allowing perfect half-tones. Undercuts – where localized dot plateaux are lower than surrounding areas – are possible, providing an ideal way to reduce dot-gain where fine print is needed.

The Helios is especially suited for the can printing industry, boosting plate making business to an exceptional high quality level. It allows printers to create stunning print results in metal decorating. High definition realistic images and ultra-fine lines and details give brand owners the freedom they want. The combination of solids and halftones in one single plate, saves
plate consumption, thus time and money.

Plenty of metal decorating samples will be on display. Demos for various Helios' pre-press applications will be given several times per day.

The rotaLEX, a compact and inexpensive desk-top unit which uses laser exposure to image RotaPlate screens held in position on a magnetic drum. The major benefits for the user are eliminating the many inherent drawbacks of using films and this leads to an increased quality in halftones and small writing. It is compatible with all available RotaPlate® screen specifications, from fine text to tactile applications. The rotaLEX saves time; rastering on the fly is possible, and design changes can be turned around faster. Meanwhile an integrated UV multi-beam optic system ensures increased speed and sharpness while maintaining total stability and perfect registration. It is also characterised by ease-of-use. Integrating it into an existing workflow is very straightforward, and the operating system is based on the universal familiarity of Windows.