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RealVue 3D Packager

RealVue 3D Packager is a revolutionary approach to packaging visualization and collaboration. Die line data can be easily imported from Adobe Illustrator or CAD files (DXF). Folding and fitting sequences are animated automatically, allowing the designer to visualize the finished package in a real-world simulation. Artwork from Adobe Illustrator can then be applied. Special effects, including gloss, metallic, holographic, embossing, and cut-outs can also be simulated with extreme accuracy. “RealVue 3D Packager is the only technology offering structural folding, animation, print effects and 3D annotation all in a single package,” Blake said.

Once the design is complete, virtual prototypes can easily be emailed to brand managers and other stakeholders, opened in Web browsers or viewed using the free player plug-in. Recipients can view the prototype at any angle, or view the animated folding scenario, for a highly accurate simulation of the finished product. Full annotation and approval tools, allow creative collaboration and provide significant time and cost savings during the entire design process.