EMKA Increases Productivity with HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press

As service providers, finding the right balance between quantity and quality is a constant primary challenge. In a competitive market, everyone strives to offer customers both a diverse product range and consistent quality across the board.

The EMKA Group has decades of experience in juggling those goals. Founded more than 60 years ago by the Klein family to produce sandpaper and abrasive products for the carpentry and wood industry, the EMKA Group has evolved into one of Israel's biggest commercial printing companies. With more than 300 employees and seven divisions, EMKA's offerings now include direct mailing and forms, envelopes, cards, rolls and labels, and office supplies – all under the same roof. Yet despite this rapid growth, EMKA has maintained its commitment to providing its customers with specialised and highquality printing solutions.

As CTO of the EMKA Group, Ofir Adar understands the importance of technology in this winning mix. The company has a long history with HP Indigo presses. It purchased its first HP Indigo Press – the HP Indigo press s2000 – in 2006, and later acquired the HP Indigo press 3000 and HP Indigo press 3050. In late 2011, EMKA decided to purchase another HP Indigo Press.

"HP has never failed us. We trust the company and its technology, and this, together with the well-proven benefits of digital printing, is what led us to purchase the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press as a replacement for our offset machine for certain jobs," explains Adar. "It wasn't cost effective to run such a big machine for medium-size jobs due to the long setup time. With the new HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press, the setup stage is much faster, so we can print smaller quantities with very high quality and fast time to market, which makes our customers very confident in our capabilities. We can print almost twice as fast as we could with our older HP Indigo press s2000 so we have doubled our productivity."

New HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press boosts ISO card and transpromo business

Due to its versatility and ability to switch easily between jobs and varied media types, the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press does double duty at EMKA. The company uses the press for two major applications: ISO-compliant plastic cards produced by EMKA Card Systems, and paper transpromo (transactional print and proactive marketing) applications produced by EMKA Direct Mailing.

Adar says: "We can now use the same machine to print on both PVC and paper. This means that we use one press to do the work of two. Before we purchased the machine, I had to convince management that printing cards and transpromo applications on the new HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press would increase productivity, lower production costs, and enable us to win new customers – and that's exactly what happened."

EMKA uses the unique HP Indigo One Shot Color printing mode on the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press to print specialty applications on a wide range of synthetics, including PVC. Its high-quality PVC gift cards, loyalty and membership cards, employee identification cards, and
chip cards are used by some of Israel's biggest banks, retail stores, loyalty clubs, companies, and governmental organisations. For cards requiring high security standards, EMKA uses HP ElectroInk UV Red ink to print invisible data; and it uses HP ElectroInk White ink to print on transparent materials.

EMKA also uses the new HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press to print medium-volume transpromo jobs for SMB retail chains, gas companies, tech service companies, and banks. "Our customers need to dynamically change the graphics and marketing messaging in their billing statements and promotional materials. The speed and quality of the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press enable us to
do this with quick time-to-market," explains Adar.

Fast turnaround with digital offset quality

Adar is a big believer in digital technology. "We are trying to convince most of our customers to move from offset to digital because of the benefits. Using a digital platform is far more productive and flexible. The high setup costs of offset printing mean that customers need to commit to a specific design. With digital, they can make changes far more easily. We get the  design file from the customer and print it with the data file in one stage – it's as simple as that!

"With the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press, we get the versatility of a digital solution with almost the same quality as traditional offset printing. Our customers give us excellent feedback and the  majority hasn't even noticed the difference. So we can supply our customers with a high-quality product in a very short time. This is a contributing factor to our ability to maintain the lead in
the Israeli market."