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Rietveld Architects Wins New Projects with an Objet 3D Printer

Rietveld Architects, a NY-based architecture firm known for its large-scale international projects, acquired its Objet 3D Printer and now creates architectural models in just a few hours - a fraction of the two-month turnaround time it required previously. Rietveld Architects has also discovered that the Objet 3D Printer can help secure new projects.

The Objet 3D Printer was a fairly straightfoward choice for Rietveld Architects. "We were particularly impressed by the ability of this system to quickly produce highly detailed, accurate models with minimal office clean-up," Rijk Rietveld, the firm's partner, commented. "Other technologies produced brittle models and just didn't have the fine detail of the Objet solution".

Soon after installing the Objet 3D Printer, the architects discovered that the 3D Printer also boosted sales. According to Piet Meijs, a Senior Associate at Rietveld Architects, the Objet prototyping capabilities have helped the firm secure new projects. "There is still very much a 'wow' factor. A potential client asked us to produce a completely re-designed plan because the program changed. Within two weeks we put on the table a 1:400 model of a new design. They knew they could only get it from us and not from other architects."

Using Objet 3D printing, highly accurate architectural models can be produced within hours - reflecting the most recent change requests and updates. Clients can view a physical model with the most intricate details, feel confident about the overall design and how it fits with the surroundings, and reach faster decisions.