3D Systems Corporation

3D Systems Teams with Galpin for Cube Odyssey

3D Systems Corporation has announced that Galpin Auto Sports, a member of the renown Galpin Automotive dynasty in Southern California, will sponsor the company's cross country Cube Odyssey road trip to launch its first ever plug-and-play at home 3D printer, Cube.

Galpin Auto Sports is a member of Galpin Automotive and the company behind Mad Mike, the recognized genius of automobile customization.

Together, these consumer centric organizations, along with 3D Systems, share a common mission to empower the individual through access to great technology and design, while eliminating barriers to adoption like cost and ease of use. Galpin Auto Sports and Mad Mike will share their creativity and innovation on the Cube by posting daily videos of the customization process on the Cubify blog and Facebook.

The Cube Odyssey starts in Los Angeles on April 10, 2012 and will travel to over 25 of the hottest and most creative cities in the country. 3D Systems will showcase the 'tricked out' Nissan Cube car at its big send-off with Mad Mike, Galpin Auto Sports and other Cube Odyssey celebrities, sponsors and supporters.