PODi, Digital Printing Initiative

PODi Launches a New Solution Selling Training Course for Digital Print Solutions

PODi, the Digital Printing Initiative, has announced that top sales expert, KateDunn, will be presenting a six-session sales training program, based on the Strategic Solution Sales (S3) Process developed by Caslon and used by scores of successful digital print and marketing solutions sales teams. The program launches on March 29 with the first class, Getting Leads for the Sales Team.

“PODi has been advocating for printers to move up the value chain and create more ROI for their clients, along with higher margins for themselves, by selling integrated digital print solutions,” says PODi General Manager Dave Erlandson. “It’s a smart strategy, but the sales process is very different from selling ink-on-paper. Sales teams need effective, affordable training to succeed, and that’s what this program is designed to give them.”

The course explores the major challenges salespeople face when selling digital print or relevant direct marketing solutions. Ms. Dunn shares tips and best practices for both beginners and more seasoned professionals. Participation is encouraged. “I hope that people will send me questions before, during and after each session,” says Ms. Dunn. “We’re building in time for a robust Q&A experience.”

• Getting Leads for the Sales Team on March 29 @2pm EDT

• Effective Prospect Qualification on April 19 @2pm EDT

• The Successful Intro Presentation on May 17 @2pm EDT

• Winning the Sale on June 21 @2pm EDT

• Gaining Commitment from Your Buyer on July 19 @2pm EDT

• Effectively Using Social Media on August 30 @2pm EDT

“Kate has been using the principles and tools developed for S3 herself for many years, building her own business and offering custom sales training to others. She knows first-hand what’s involved and how to break down barriers. She’s been our most popular sales trainer at the PODi AppForum and we’re thrilled to be able to make her expertise available to everyone,” says Mr. Erlandson.

Kate Dunn is President of Digital Innovations Group (DIG), an award-winning marketing firm specializing in targeted, personalized sales campaigns and collateral. The S3 Process is a proven sales strategy for selling digital print and relevant marketing solutions based on three steps: Building Credibility, Winning the Sale and Ensuring Customer Success.

The online S3 Solution Selling Training Course is available to everyone. It is complimentary to all PODi members. Nonmembers pay $75 per person per session or $295 per person for all six. Registration

PODi membership is open to marketing and print service providers, printing industry vendors and marketers. In addition to the new S3 Solution Selling Training, members access over 500 digital printing case studies, educational webinars, industry research, reports and white papers.