ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH

Ilford Biomedia on Display at International Sign Expo 2012

ILFORD, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality media, today announced that its BioMedia recyclable and biodegradable substrate range of display Films will be put to the test by print partners at the International Sign Expo 2012 (March 22-24, 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL). Attendees can visit the Mimaki (#1944) or the EFI (#2302) booths throughout the show for a hands-on look at BioMedia’s universal compatibility with the latest printing techniques and technologies being employed by Mimaki and EFI.

“With the BioMedia Range, ILFORD has created a range of biodegradable, universally-compatible substrates as an alternative to traditional PVC display materials, which take at least 500 years to biodegrade,” said Tim Maher, President of ILFORD America. “The commercial printing industry and its end customers have been clamoring for an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl-based media, and BioMedia provides exactly that without sacrificing on any of the print or durability qualities we demand.”

Mimaki, will print on the BioMedia range using the CJV30 Series, a favorite for its integrated print and contour cut functions. Visitors will be provided with printed samples to review.

EFI, will be utilizing the BioMedia Rigid Display Boards to demonstrate its VUTEk super-wide printers, offering a live demo for attendees looking to create environmentally responsible mounted displays, heavy-duty signage or internal cladding, all of which can be made using the BioMedia product range.