Glunz & Jensen Inc.

Gecko+ Now with Even More Value for Printers Looking to Get Started with CtP

The Gecko+ processor platform is the simple solution intended for customers who want to enjoy the processing stability delivered by Glunz & Jensen equipment, but who can do without the more advanced automation features and options which are available from the high-end processor models.

The Gecko+ processor reuses technology and principles from the high-end processors, but is offered with a more basic configuration which satisfies the requirements for simple, yet consistent and reliable processing.

Glunz & Jensen replaces the Gecko with Gecko+ to introduce a new appearance and easy daily operation by adding a new integrated control panel with status/error messages and function keys for easy program changes. The Gecko+ also includes the unique Glunz & Jensen Remote Enabling System, which allow for convenient remote service access to the processor via the internet.

Business Unit Director, Simon Jensen: “We are shipping Gecko+ processors all around the world – for the satisfaction of hundreds of printers. It is dependable, simple to use, easy to install, and due to the reuse of our trusted developing technology, it delivers the Glunz & Jensen processing quality. Through Gecko+ this is now made available and beneficial for all smaller printing offices and houses!”

The Gecko+ is available for conventional, thermal and violet photopolymer applications, in 85 cm and 125 cm width. The Gecko+ is built for stock in Europe and can be shipped with a days notice.

To be seen at Drupa, but available NOW!

The Gecko+ was introduced in early February 2012, and is now shipped to customers all over the world. We will bring Gecko+ to our stand at Drupa and let you experience the simplicity and convenience at first hand.