InfoTrends Investigates Buying Behaviors for Digital Front-Ends

InfoTrends’ recently announced the completion of a new multi-client study addressing critical issues surrounding digital front-ends (DFEs) – an important component of a digital print workflow. Digital Front-Ends: Understanding Customer Requirements and Market Dynamics is designed to help DFE vendors, RIP technology providers, digital print manufacturers, workflow management vendors, or other companies that have an interest in DFEs to navigate this market and develop products and solutions that make their customers operate more effectively and efficiently.

Based on an extensive analysis of Web surveys for 585 U.S.-based print service providers, InfoTrends uncovered key buying behaviors for DFEs.

Ease-of-Use, Output Quality, and Performance Speed are Top Three Buying Criteria

Understanding buying behavior is important for vendors to assess the attractiveness of its DFE for their customers. InfoTrends asked PSPs to rank their top 10 reasons for purchasing a DFE. Price, often a top buying consideration, was not one for PSPs buying a DFE. The top three reasons were ease-of-use, output quality and consistency, and performance/ripping speed.

Interestingly enough (even considering that most respondents assume a non-technical, executive role), price occupies the seventh spot after familiarity with the interface, reputation of the brand, and the feature set of the DFE. This seems to suggest that respondents are willing to pay a premium for stability, high performance, and top-notch support from vendors.

To listen to more study highlights download the InfoCast.

Digital Front-Ends: Understanding Customer Requirements and Market Dynamics aims to provide insights in the DFE market by providing market share by duty cycle, speed breakdown, vendor and environments. Understanding customer requirements, combined with actual share data is an important mechanism to identify and justify future product investment decisions.

This study is available for immediate purchase. For more information, contact Scott Phinney at +1 781 616 2123 or e-mail