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Datatech SmartSoft Announces New Web Services for Addressing at National Postal Forum

Datatech SmartSoft, an industry-leading provider of address verification and mailing software, announced two new online services for mailers and other customers wishing to run USPS Certified address verification on their mailing lists and address databases, without the hassle of installing regular database updates.

• AccuMail frameworks Web Service offers real-time CASS Certified address verification as well as optional NCOALink processing, through the list management and postal presorting solution AccuMail frameworks.

Using the AccuMail software user interface, lists are rapidly processed online in real time using a secure and encrypted connection to SmartSoft’s address verification servers. Since the verification data is managed on the SmartSoft servers, there are no monthly or bi-monthly updates to install, and the whole process happens seamlessly, quickly and securely.

Mailers can then presort these lists locally in AccuMail frameworks, using its revolutionary ‘3-Step Mailing Assistant’, and generate all required postal reports and documentation.

The service is available with either unlimited annual record processing or in tiers based on usage, meaning that lower volume users no longer need to be locked into the more traditional one-size-fits-all model found in the mailing software industry.

• The new AccuMail Move Toolkit also provides secure CASS Certified address correction and NCOALink processing, but is offered as a toolkit that is easily integrated into most third-party applications that utilize address data, such as shipping systems, membership management, CRM applications and more. Again, all processing happens in real-time via a secure online connection, with all users given unlimited annual NCOALink and CASS processing.

“Workflow efficiency drives everything we do at SmartSoft”, said Michael Shroyer, President of SmartSoft. “At a time when margins are being squeezed, we help our customers remain competitive by lowering the number of touchpoints required to perform address hygiene and mailing jobs. They no longer need to install monthly or bimonthly databases - we take care of it on our side, so the customer doesn’t have to.”

“Additionally, customers that use our new web service have the flexibility to buy only what they need, based on their usage, yet still enjoy the benefits of the powerful AccuMail mailing list management and postal presorting software, as opposed to handing off their lists to a third-party provider. “

Datatech SmartSoft will be demonstrating their address verification and mailing software at the National Postal Forum in Orlando, Florida from April 1-4, 2012. They can be found in Booth 1516.