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Announcing FormStore's NEW Membership ID Card Sales Kit

These new collaterals include a comprehensive promotional kit of FormStore’s core products and vertical market ideas. Several months were dedicated to insure that these collaterals were designed to educate, illustrate and communicate the wide range of solution options and vertical market applications for membership ID card and integrated products. The sales kit was created in order to help FormStore’s distributors “empower themselves to dominate the market and build their sales”. This kit includes samples and spec sheets from FormStore’s family of affixed and integrated Membership ID Cards & Magnets. The marketing collateral campaign integrated the use of pURL (personalized URL technology) in the email blast campaign along with a direct mail piece. By adding a Personalized URL for each customer to this campaign mailer, and giving them a unique online destination, FormStore has been able to convert more direct mail recipients into qualified prospects which enhances their long-standing customer base.

The recipient arrives at their customized landing page, which is consistent with the design and tone of the direct mail package, including a personalized greeting and pre-populated fields that help drive immediate response. The recipient can read more about the offer and instantly respond to it, and also request additional information by mail. Each recipient has a FormStore Account Manager assigned to their response and receives a follow-up call and complete set of the new sales kit.  

Here’s what is included in the new sales kit:

Membership ID Card Product Selector Book

This custom, digitally-printed perfect bound swatch book showcases over two dozen samples of seven different ID card and integrated products. It also includes vertical market information where these products are used, a selector guide, format illustrations, detailed product descriptions and a range of paper weights and grades.

Vertical Markets Idea Book

This second custom-designed swatch book moves from the product focus to illustrate twelve different applications in a wide range of vertical markets. Each sample provides a short discussion of the market and provides a thumbnail of a full size sheet.

Sample Portfolio

This pocket portfolio contains the full size sample sheets of the thumbnails shown in the Vertical Markets Idea Book.

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Once you’ve completed your request, you will be contacted to discuss how to dominate the market and help you build your sales with FormStore’s New Membership ID Card Sales Kit.

FormStore is located in St Louis, and has 60 employees between its two locations. On March 15th, FormStore, a print communications company celebrated their 33rd Anniversary. FormStore specializes in printing membership identification cards, books and its use of unique substrates such as magnets.